Compile and execute code on the fly…

A simple way to compile and execute code on the fly. From the cmd console: notepad code.vbThis opens notepad with a new file called code.vbPaste in a piece of code, for example:Imports SystemImports System.TextImports System.SecurityImports System.Security.CryptographyModule App Sub Main(ByVal argv() As String) Dim len As Integer = 128 If argv.Length > 0 Then len =... Continue Reading →

ASP.NET 2.0 Machine Key

When moving a fiddler based web test to a remote machine a Viewstate Mac error was received. This was caused because the viewstate is encoded using a MachineKey which is unique to the machine that the request was formulated on. So when the viewstate is read by the remote machine this throws an error. This... Continue Reading →

Reporting Services

To deploy reporting services on a remote machine you need to run the ReportViewer.exe on the web server to register the correct components in the GAC. If not installed correctly a message will be shown saying something like the Microsoft.ReportViewer.ProcessingObjectModel could not be loaded.

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