Moving VSTS Load Test Results Databases

Email from MS:

Here  is  the full set of steps that you need to go through to view them.  The basic problem is that the connection string to the load test repository is hardcoded into the trx files.

1. Restore the results database to your local SQL Server 2005 instance.  In theory SQL Server Express (included with the trial DVD that I gave to Andrew) should do the job, but thinking about it you might find a problem restoring due to the file size limitation (depending on what the file sizes were set to on the results server).  In this case you will need to get hold of a copy of SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition.

2. Create a dummy load test in Visual Studio 2005 (this can just be an empty unit test added to a load test). 

3. From the ‘Test’ menu, select the ‘Administer Test Controllers’ option.  Under the ‘Load Test Results Store’ section, enter the correct connection details for your SQL Server instance.

4. Run the dummy load test for a few seconds.  Find the resulting trx file and open it with notepad.  Search for the tag and copy the value (e.g. LAs4ogoKasfgad5T354G25Ga7UVHrc5d598CfIS8xxxxFQW4R34xknRPEua16x0ZFwpUM6s5UYUAzzrmtpTf26Wxxx54Q4QRF).

5. In each of the trx files that you took away from the lab, find the and replace the value with that copied in step 4.

6. Open the trx file in Visual Studio and right click on the entry in the Test Results window and select ‘View Test Results Database’. The graphs should now be populated from the database.

The extraction of the resultsRepositoryConnectString value must be done when the database being referenced is moved, or the name of the database is changed.

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