Extracting values from ServiceReference.ClientConfig

You can open the document as an XDocument and go from there: var streamInfo = Application.GetResourceStream(new Uri("ServiceReferences.ClientConfig", UriKind.Relative));var config = XDocument.Load(streamInfo.Stream);var endpoints = from endpoint in config.Descendants("endpoint")where endpoint.Attribute("name").Value == endPointNameselect new { Address = endpoint.Attribute("address").Value };foreach (var endpoint in endpoints){if (_binding.Security.Mode == BasicHttpSecurityMode.Transport){String address = endpoint.Address.Replace("http://", "https://");//address = string.Concat(address, "/secure/");result = new EndpointAddress(address);}else{result = new... Continue Reading →

blacklight.silverlight showcase

Now this is the good shiz!! It is people like Martin, Dave, Neil and Mike that make the rest of our lives so easy! Great work guys, these controls are AWESOME!! :: blacklight.silverlight showcase ::

Self-signed SSL Certificate on Development PC

Creating SSL based WCF services requires a SSL certificate. Adam Nofsinger's blog gives a really easy way to do this using SelfSSL from the IIS Toolkit... Adam_Nofsinger.Tech: Self-signed SSL Certificate on Development PC ...Unfortunately self signed SSL certs will not work from SilverLight ... (e.g. HTTPS WCF service called from SL) ... :-(...

Using ADO.NET Data Services

Good work from Beth Massi on ADO.NET Data Services - this is simplicity incarnate! I reckon that you could have prototype code up and running within half-an-hour... Beth Massi - Sharing the goodness that is VB : Using ADO.NET Data Services

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