Capturing SOAP Requests in Fiddler

I was having problems capturing SOAP requests to a local WCF service using Fiddler. To see these I tried a numebr of things, these final settings made the difference:

Remove any filters

Add SOAP custom filters using fiddler script, at the start of the class:

and also into OnBeginResponse method:

Enable SOAP filters

One thought on “Capturing SOAP Requests in Fiddler

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  1. —————————
    FiddlerScript Error
    FiddlerScript compilation failed on line 107:

    ———————- SOURCE ——————————-

    var strRequestStart : String = “><";
    ERROR LINE –> var iPos = oSession.utilFindInRequest(strRequestStart, false);
    if (iPos != -1)


    Variable 'oSession' has not been declared

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