Launch Cassini from the command line

A simple batch file will do this: taskkill /F /IM WebDev.WebServer.exe START /D "C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\DevServer\9.0\" /B WebDev.WebServer.EXE /port:5002 /path:"$PROJECT PATH" /vpath:"/PROJECT" Replace $PROJECT with the local path of your web solution. The VPATH value refers to the virtual folder that is used. This can be replaced with just / if your application runs... Continue Reading →

Restore Database 2005 User Logins

When a database is restored from one server to another user logins are dropped. This script will help rectify that: SET NOCOUNT ON--SELECT 'EXEC sp_change_users_login ''Auto_Fix'', '''+ user_id + ''', NULL, '''+ user_id + ''''SELECT 'EXEC sp_change_users_login ''Auto_Fix'', '''+ user_id + ''', NULL, ''password''' FROM staff s JOIN sys.sysusers su ON = s.user_id WHERE... Continue Reading →

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