Team Foundation Server: File Collisions

When using a DEV and MAIN branch for source code, care must be taken when deleting and recreating files with identical names. For example: Developer establishes a branch relationship between source and target (tf branch source target) Normal development continues to happen and files get added and merged between these two trees Developer deletes a... Continue Reading →

SharePoint “Service Unavailable”

I had this problem recently. Turns out the problem on my environment was an expired password for the account under which the SharePoint Central Administration application pool was running (DOMAIN\WSSSERVICE). Policy removed, password updated, problem solved. There are lots of other solutions too…

Powershell xcopy for file backup

A handy powershell script for xcopying data – useful for database backups that need copying to tape: function xCopy([string]$src = $(throw "Specify the source directory"),[string]$dest = $(throw "Specify the destination diirectory")){$src = $src -replace '\*$'if (test-path $dest){switch -regex ($src){'\\$' {$src = "$src*"; break}'\w$' {$src = "$src\*"; break}default {break}}}copy-item $src $dest -recurse -force}xCopy "C:\Source Folder\Location" "\\servername\foldershare\valid... Continue Reading →

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