Paperless Home

Many, many years ago I had a flatbed scanner and that scanner had a gnatty ‘scan-to-email’ function that would email any scans as a PDF attachment.

Many years later (but still many years ago) I signed up for the Google Documents online service and registered for their Email to Documents service. This was a hashed email address that would save attachments into the Google Docs cloud (and convert them if you wish).

This combination of scan to email to cloud has had me literally salivating for years – it puts the paperless office within everyone grasp. So, finally after much procrastination I have finally got my act together, brought a duplex scanner (HP Officejet Pro 8500A Plus e-All-in-One Web Enabled Printer ), with a wireless internet connection ready to put my master plan in to action…

After unboxing, what should I find?? A flipping Google Docs Storage Application! Yep, the scanner comes with a prebuilt in application that does exactly what I wanted… So, have I now got a paperless office? Well no, because the scanner also has a lovely printer function too, and to not use that would be a waste

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