Goldilocks and the 3 reseller packages

Goldilocks was walking through the wood one winters day when she came across a house with three computers. (Yes there was also fibre broadband installed – it’s a tech savvy wood – get over it!)

The first computer was connected to Fasthosts. A solid offering she thought, back by over a decade of experience. But their lack of .NET4 support was apalling. Ergghh  – too salty!

The second computer was connected to Cyberhostpro. It was cheap, but lacked finesse. It  took too much time to set up and manage. Ewww – too sweet.

The last computer was connected to Heart Internet. Not the cheapest, but not the most expensive. .NET4 support and fully brandable. Mmmm – Just right.

She migrated all her websites with ease, and got excellent customer support when she got stuck. She skipped happily outside and got eaten by a wolf. The end.

I’ve found my migration to Heart Internet a wholly pleasant experience.  The online administration features are sophisticated. There are enough tools to do what I need, but not so many that it detriments user experience. There are also a smattering of cleverly configured scripts to cutout some of the heavy lifting on frequent tasks – such as setting Google Apps DNS.

Ultimately – I Heart Internet. I’m happy.

Oh and, if I win their fantastic Christmas Home Office Giveaway, I’ll be even happier 🙂

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