10% Project Ideas

So I have a ream of ideas and techs to look into… which one(s) first?… Technologies? Continuous IntegrationWeb Unit TestingMockingPrototypingAndroid DevAtlassian Suite  Ideas / Concepts? 10% Project WebsiteTeam Holiday PlannerRoom / Resource BookerTravel Toiletries Website 

10% Project

Google are well known for their attitude towards encouraging employee creativity. So much so they have an initiative that allows all(?) employees to spend 20% of their time working on personal interest projects. A 20% project can be anything that sparks interest for the individual, in general they are usually something to do with improving... Continue Reading →

Paperless Home

Many, many years ago I had a flatbed scanner and that scanner had a gnatty ‘scan-to-email’ function that would email any scans as a PDF attachment. Many years later (but still many years ago) I signed up for the Google Documents online service and registered for their Email to Documents service. This was a hashed... Continue Reading →

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