Rendering output using Razor

When rendering output from a razor template it is important to remember the distinction between @{ ...}  and @(...) Curly braces will cause the output to execute, whilst the regular parenthesis will cause the output to render. As an example that tripped me up during rendering of a ViewComponent in the CamperFinder demo, the following... Continue Reading →

Free website hosting #4 – AWS

This is the final part of a four part series looking at free hosting from modern cloud providers: Part 1 - GitHub PagesPart 2 - Azure Web AppPart 3 - Firebase In this article we look at the offering from Amazon web services, and the static hosting capabilities of the S3 storage bucket. If this... Continue Reading →

Be a specialist

In his Keynote address at //Build2018 Scott Guthrie said that the pace of change can make adoption of cloud technologies intimidating and difficult. Microsoft are going a long way to fix this by increasing the quality of the documentation, creating free training content on Pluralsight and publishing comprehensive training plans on the learning website. It... Continue Reading →

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