Collect performance data from remote servers

To collect performance data from remote servers, when running a load test for example, use the following PowerShell script: clear$testId = "doodle"$durationSeconds = 20$threadsPerAgent = 5$client = ""$counterList = @( ".NET CLR Exceptions()# of Exceps Thrown / sec", ".NET CLR Memory()# Total committed Bytes", "\ASP.NET\Application Restarts", "\ASP.NET\Request Wait Time", "\ASP.NET\Requests Queued", "\ASP.NET Applications()\Requests/Sec", "\Web Service()\Current... Continue Reading →

The Art Of Unit Testing, TDD

My quote-of-the-day, regarding Test Driven Development: I am convinced that it [TDD] can work to your benefit, but it’s not without a price (time to learn, time to implement, and more). It’s definitely worth the admission price, though. Taken from the excellent The Art of Unit Testing: with Examples in .NET by Roy Osherove.

Microsoft Mocking

As a .NET developer I don’t like using third party controls when there is tooling available from MS that will do the job I need. For example I prefer using the “baked in” MSTest suit as opposed to NUnit or MBUnit. The same is true for a mocking framework. I have tried with varying levels... Continue Reading →

.NET Assembly Versioning

A colleague recently asked me the difference between the different version properties available in a .NET assembly. I had read about this recently in Jeff Richters outstanding CLR via C# but couldn't remember the semantics off the top of my head. AssemblyFileVersion: The version number you want the public to see. Ideally you'd want the... Continue Reading →


We had some really strange problems getting MSDTC to work recently, specifically upgrading to VS2010 and SL4. Our developer environments are pointing to networked database servers and during this particular use-case the development workstation is running a both the hosted Silverlight Client and the Business Logic (API) served through a WCF service (both in Cassini).... Continue Reading →

Silverlight Commands – Data grid row selected

following on from and in response to John Papa’s PDC talk Another highly useful command behaviour is for DataGridRowSelected. This also gets over the issues described here and here. The code (as written by John Papa) is: public class DataGridRowSelectedCommandBehavior : CommandBehaviorBase{public DataGridRowSelectedCommandBehavior(DataGrid selectableObject): base(selectableObject){selectableObject.SelectionChanged += OnSelectionChanged;}private void OnSelectionChanged(object sender, SelectionChangedEventArgs e){this.CommandParameter =... Continue Reading →

Data-binding Radio Buttons in Silverlight to Enum

In Silverlight there is no Enum.Getvalue() method, so there is not out-of-the box way of databinding a radio buttongroup to an enumerable value in a viewmodel. Step forward converters. using System;using System.Windows.Data;namespace YourNamespace{ public class EnumBoolConverter : IValueConverter{ #region Methods public object Convert(object value, Type targetType, object parameter, System.Globalization.CultureInfo culture){ if (value == null ||... Continue Reading →

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