Date issues in Silverlight

Seeing some strange date behaviours in SL UI components. My local culture is UK but we keep seeing US dates popping up “here and there”. Have tried setting the Language= “en-GB” in the upper most control, also setting the thread culture is not effecting across the app. Going to have to get help on this... Continue Reading →

Cross Project MergedDictionaries in Silverlight

Todd Miranda has posted a video on the use of merged dictionaries on the Learning portal of (find it here). This video explains the concepts of MergedDictionaries in a very long winded way. IMHO people investigating MergedDictionaries will already know how to layout a grid, and play some simple controls, so the first 8m... Continue Reading →

.NET Debugging and Stack Trace

When debugging enable the stack trace view to see where code has been triggered from. This is particularly useful for figuring out where events have been triggered from (delegation of event handlers from multiple places etc):

HTML Table to ASP.NET Table

To convert an HTML table (from a string) to an ASP.NET table: Start with an HTML table: Create a Helper class: Open the HTML file, and pass the root node to the helper class: The helper class needs to be fleshed out some more, to provide support for other elements and valid HTML, but it’s... Continue Reading →

Asynchronous Lambda Method calls

You won’t get any benefit using this code, but it makes for more manageable source. So from Pete Browns blog: All network calls in Silverlight are asynchronous. The proliferation of event handling functions this can cause just makes for really cluttered code. Using lambda expressions seems to make my code a bit cleaner. (You can... Continue Reading →

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