Working around Selenium

After you've used selenium for a while, you'll be familiar with some of the problems. Yep, WaitForElement doesn't exactly cover itself in glory. It is possible to work round this a bit using a static helper for retries. Something like this; public static void MyNavigateMethod(this IWebDriver driver, int retryCounter = 0) { try { driver.DoSomething();... Continue Reading →

The Art Of Unit Testing, TDD

My quote-of-the-day, regarding Test Driven Development: I am convinced that it [TDD] can work to your benefit, but it’s not without a price (time to learn, time to implement, and more). It’s definitely worth the admission price, though. Taken from the excellent The Art of Unit Testing: with Examples in .NET by Roy Osherove.

Silverlight unit testing requirements

When setting up a Silverlight Unit Testing class the following using statements and inheritance must be applied: These are required for the TestPanel and EnqueueX methods (particularly inheritance). For more on the Inner Class Pattern, take a look at the Type Mock training blog.

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