XAML in Visual Studio

The XAML previewer in Visual Studio is pretty bad and slow to load. You can get past this by setting XAML files to open by default in source code rather than the WPF Designer… Right click any XAML fileOpen With…choose Source Code (text) EditorClick the Set as Default buttonClick OK

Updating Silverlight 2 solution to Silverlight 3

For my own reference these are the steps I took, and the problems I had. Naturally YMMV. Download the requisites from http://www.silverlight.net: Silverlight 3 Beta Tools for Visual StudioBlend 3 Preview Uninstall Silverlight 2 elements: Blend 2Silverlight ToolkitSilverlight ToolsSilverlight SDKSilverlight 2 Plugin Install the Silverlight 3 elements: Install Silverlight 3 ToolsInstall Blend 3 Preview Update... Continue Reading →

SharePoint “Service Unavailable”

I had this problem recently. Turns out the problem on my environment was an expired password for the account under which the SharePoint Central Administration application pool was running (DOMAIN\WSSSERVICE). Policy removed, password updated, problem solved. There are lots of other solutions too…

Are you sitting comfortably?

...Then we shall begin...Blogs are brilliant. There are a ton of brilliant contributors out there that make learning new technologies so simple. So i guess that it's high time that I stop leeching so much information and start giving something back too.. I don't expect too much interaction, this is more about logging my thoughts... Continue Reading →

Debugging Replication Errors

use distribution--------------------------------------------------------------------------------select top 100 e.*, * from MSrepl_commands c inner join MSrepl_errors e on c.xact_seqno =e.xact_seqno order by e.id desc--------------------------------------------------------------------------------exec sp_replmonitorhelpsubscription @publisher=NULL, @publication_type=0 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------exec sp_helpdistpublisher --------------------------------------------------------------------------------exec distribution..sp_replmonitorsubscriptionpendingcmds @publisher=pubservername, @subscriber=subservername, @publisher_db='pubdbname', @subscriber_db='subdbname', @publication='pubname', @subscription_type=0 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------exec sp_replqueuemonitor @publisher = pubservername, @publisherdb = 'pubdbname', @publication = 'pubname', @tranid = NULL, @queuetype = 0 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------exec sp_replshowcmds

Dropping Replication

when struggling to drop a publication or subscription from the API, try one of these: use [SysTest_1]exec sp_dropsubscription @ignore_distributor =1,@publication = N'all', @subscriber=N'all',@article = N'all'exec sp_droppublication @publication = N'all',@ignore_distributor =1exec sp_removedbreplication 'systest_1'

Trusted Logins

Trusted logins with IIS and IE6. Tools | Internet Options | Security Tab | Intranet Zone | Security Levels | Custom Level Scroll to the bottom of the list and make sure that User Authentication | Logon is set appropriately.

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