WCF Configuration

During the deployment of a WCF service to an HTTPS QA server recently had us stumped… The service didn’t respond, didn’t display any error messages and didn’t log any issues in the Windows Event Log. The issues turned out to be (as expected) a type in the configuration file, we had used; system.serviceModel/services/service/endpoint/behaviorName and this... Continue Reading →


We had some really strange problems getting MSDTC to work recently, specifically upgrading to VS2010 and SL4. Our developer environments are pointing to networked database servers and during this particular use-case the development workstation is running a both the hosted Silverlight Client and the Business Logic (API) served through a WCF service (both in Cassini).... Continue Reading →

Silverlight 3, Validation, MVVM, WCF and EF

All the current articles and tutorials on Silverlight 3 Validation show really simplistic examples, business objects in the UI space, no services etc etc My Problem When the business objects are being created and managed via the entity framework, there does not appear to be any simple ways of adding the validation properties to the... Continue Reading →

Persisted Properties

Back in classic ASP.NET I’d persist data extract from a web service in base class property as follows: private string m_stringData; public string _stringData { get { if (m_stringData==null) { //fetch data from my web service m_stringData = ws.FetchData() } return m_stringData; } } This way I could always simple use _stringData and know that... Continue Reading →

Extracting values from ServiceReference.ClientConfig

You can open the document as an XDocument and go from there: var streamInfo = Application.GetResourceStream(new Uri("ServiceReferences.ClientConfig", UriKind.Relative));var config = XDocument.Load(streamInfo.Stream);var endpoints = from endpoint in config.Descendants("endpoint")where endpoint.Attribute("name").Value == endPointNameselect new { Address = endpoint.Attribute("address").Value };foreach (var endpoint in endpoints){if (_binding.Security.Mode == BasicHttpSecurityMode.Transport){String address = endpoint.Address.Replace("http://", "https://");//address = string.Concat(address, "/secure/");result = new EndpointAddress(address);}else{result = new... Continue Reading →

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