VSS Versioning, Merging and Branching

When creating a new version of software in VSS there is a nifty feature called Branching that exposes some cool merging capabilities for retro-fixing issues.

Firstly, share the files:
Drag and drop the files from VSS UI into the new project folder:

The files will appear with a little shortcut icon to show they are shared:

Then Branch them
Branching will only work on individual files, not folders and recursive items. To see all files and folders in a project in on go use the Wildcard search,, and choose all Subfolders optio

After selecting the files, click the Branch buttonFinally, merge changes
Change a file in the original source, and the differences can be easily merged into any of the branches that sprout from the original code. Select the altered file in VSS, right click and choose Merge Branches:

The pop up window shows you all shared versions of the original file that will allow the changes to be merged into:

Click Merge and a window will show the old version, the new version and assist with copying the changes across.

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