Asynchronous Lambda Method calls

You won’t get any benefit using this code, but it makes for more manageable source. So from Pete Browns blog:

All network calls in Silverlight are asynchronous. The proliferation of event handling functions this can cause just makes for really cluttered code. Using lambda expressions seems to make my code a bit cleaner. (You can also use regular anonymous delegates, but the lambdas involve less typing)

public void LoadPolicyDetail()
IvcDataServiceClient client = new IvcDataServiceClient();

client.GetPolicyDetailCompleted += (s, e) =>
if (e.Result != null)
_policyDetail = e.Result;

if (PolicyDetailLoaded != null)
PolicyDetailLoaded(this, new EventArgs());
if (PolicyDetailLoadError != null)
PolicyDetailLoadError(this, new EventArgs());


The event handler is right in-line with the loading function. The event args remain strongly typed, so you have access to everything you normally would with an additional function.

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