Updating Silverlight 2 solution to Silverlight 3

For my own reference these are the steps I took, and the problems I had. Naturally YMMV.

Download the requisites from www.silverlight.net:

  • Silverlight 3 Beta Tools for Visual Studio
  • Blend 3 Preview

Uninstall Silverlight 2 elements:

  • Blend 2
  • Silverlight Toolkit
  • Silverlight Tools
  • Silverlight SDK
  • Silverlight 2 Plugin

Install the Silverlight 3 elements:

  • Install Silverlight 3 Tools
  • Install Blend 3 Preview

Update the solution:

  • Check out all the files in the Solution. (ensure Read-only is off)
  • Open solution in Visual Studio 2008 – the conversion wizard will convert the SL projects.


Service references all wrong (custom tool errors for references.svcmap). Might have been caused by  the project files not being set to readonly the first time this was run. Might not. Anyway;

  • Uninstall
  • Reinstall
  • Update the service references
  • Check the configuration for the services is brining back collections as List (not ObservableCollection)
  • Open and close the datasource files

  • Rebuild

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